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Director of Compliance

Introducing Chris Pearson


Meet Our Director of Compliance

Introducing Chris Pearson, Spector&Co’s Director of Compliance. Chris comes to Spector & Co. as Director of Compliance after a 19 year career in the juvenile products industry.


Chris Pearson

Director of Compliance

Tel: 1-888-377-7732 (Ext: 316) USA

Tel: 1-800-385-7063 (Ext: 316) CANADA

Email: chrisp@spectorandco.com

Having worked in a heavily regulated industry for so long, he has gained significant experience in many aspects of the compliance process, and has worked in various areas of compliance, product development and sales support/operations roles.

He has worked directly with manufacturers, clients, distribution sales teams, government regulatory bodies, as well as 3rd party testing labs to ensure conformity and compliance to applicable regulations.

As part of his responsibilities – he has gone through the process of certifying the compliance of child car seats at 3rd party crash tests, and knows it so well that he is in fact a Child Passenger Safety Technician and Instructor conducting many installations a year.

Chris comments:

"My experience has shown me that all products have potential compliance issues, but working together with the factories and product development we can put out safe product that helps the end user. The journey of the product through this process is what makes it interesting and why I love what I do."

Chris is well seasoned in overseas production processes and has made many trips over the years to visit manufacturing facilities, evaluate their production processes and procedures, as well as being involved in the social compliance aspects of the facilities producing his products. As he has seen all aspects of the production process, he was involved in establishing protocols/procedures, assessing areas for improvement, and reviewing and follow up on performance and process changes.

All of this background makes him a great asset to bring his wealth of knowledge and experience into the promotional products industry.

Chris comments:

"Compliance is not just numbers on a report and tests, it’s about the products and improvements to the products / production / factories. They are all interlinked to ensure that the best product possible is brought forward to the end users, sourced responsibly and having the smallest impact on the environment as possible. Compliance is all encompassing, it’s testing of the products, factory audits, social accountability, regulatory requirements and constant product improvement. Knowing that you’re responsible for the well-being of the end users while they use your products is something that I take very seriously to ensure we have done the best we can to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for them."

He is uniquely qualified to join Spector & Co and the promotional product industry and bring with him the knowledge and experience to our growing line of products and categories. His mandate includes providing compliance support to all of Spector’s clients as well as being responsible for the social compliance and product compliance program as well as supervising vendor auditing processes.

Please feel free to contact Chris for any compliance related inquiries.