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4 Color Process models your brand in the most radiant and vivid way.

The 4 Color Process branding uses four basic print colors — cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) — in fine, half-tone dots. Unlike other color prints, this one involves printing overlapping colors so that they mix and create thousands of hues.


Useful features:

  • Clear and vivid coloring
  • Large variety of tones and colors
  • No loss of color quality

Who says professional has to be dull? Choose from a vast array of colors,
tones and gradients to give your brand some zeal.


Feel the difference

What is 4-CP Flex Transfer?

4CP Flex allows your brand to come to life on all materials.

4CP Flex Transfer uses a similar procedure as the 4 Color Process, except that this branding method allows us to print brands, logos or artworks onto even the most challenging textures and fabrics.


Useful features:

  • Radiant and crisp colors
  • Crack and fade resistant
  • Versatile and available for all textures and fabrics

Clean, crisp and resistant. Your brand deserves to look its best and this branding method won’t have it any other way.


Feel the difference

What is Full Coverage 4-CP?

Full Coverage 4CP presents your brand with infinite depth and dimension.

This branding method follows a similar technique of the 4 Color Process. It uses a vast array of hues and tones to create a full 3D-effect, without limitations to one small area or one type of material.


Useful features:

  • Guaranteed to make any logo look lively and sharp
  • Full-surface coverage
  • Versatility to look crisp on any material

Go big or go home. Your brand should make a statement, not only by being rich and colorful, but also by not being confined to one space.

Be expressive with a variety of colors!

Bold is the way to go when you want to stand out.

Precision coloring gets you the exact colors you want for full customization.