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Create your own unique brand designs!

What is Pad Printing?

Your brand shouldn’t have to be limited—With this technique, your brand can come to life on all objects.

Pad Printing is a printing technique in which ink is transferred through a silicon pad to a desired object. Much like a simple stamp, the pad is dipped in ink and then pressed onto an object to create a clean and firm design.


Useful features:

  • Extreme versatility allows you to print on almost any shape and size
  • High durability of inks makes for superior levels of quality images
  • Ability to print on nearly any material

Don’t want limitations? This technique’s substantial
versatility allows it to print on any surface
without the worry of distortion.

We’re all about personalization.
Choose from over 25 of our own colors
or provide us with your own and we’ll match it.

Keeping it classy doesn’t mean keeping it dull. This technique will make your brand shine.

Bring the right amount of attention to your brand.

Mix and match, this technique will look good on any of your belongings.